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Twist Analysis of “Oranges” by Gary Soto
The poem titled “Oranges” by Gary Soto is a story about a boy who is poverty stricken but sees positivity in his life as well. The tone of the poem changes at times from positive to gloomy and weary. For example, due to the fact that the setting is in the “gray” of December it is “cold” and there is “frost” that lingers. Also, the dog that “barked” and the “hissing” of the car creates a sad feeling. Nevertheless, the poem also brings a positive tone as he describes his walk with a young girl as he “touches her shoulder” and “led her down the street.” Additionally, what they see along the way such as the “porch light” and “planting of new trees” resemble positivity as well. Her reaction of having a “face bright” as he sees her “smile” and the “light in her eyes” further promote positivity.
Word Choice
Gary Soto uses a vast but simple
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I plan to use these sources to read more in-depth with the literary works and in also to read more about author of the novel. For the poem’s secondary source it will aid me by supporting me an analysis. Then for the novel’s two secondary sources, one will be used for me to read a long and in depth analysis on the book. For the other source it is on some background information about the author. This will allow me to know more about the author’s writing styles, childhood events, and any other events that may have shaped him and influenced the way he writes his