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Death a word no one wants to say, hear, or even think about. An inevitable part of everyone’s life. A part of life everyone will encounter, and most often witness. Have you ever thought about how you would die. Or about how you would like to die? For some people life is short, and for some a long life. I personally think dying from a painful infection, or burning would be the worst. During the First World War, gas gangrene was something that was not uncommon, many people died, and lost loved ones due to the bacteria. Gas gangrene is defined as Necrosis in a wound infected by an anaerobic gas forming bacillus, the most common etiologic agent being Clostridium perfringens. This bacteria releases dangerous toxins and poisons that create a so called “disaster” throughout your body which can cause serious tissue damage. These bacteria can be found in soil and the intestinal tract of both human and animals. These organisms grow in the tissue and the wound such as muscle, releasing the toxins, and fermenting sugars with such vigor that the pressure builds up after an accumulation of gas, and then tears the tissues apart. Gas gangrene develops suddenly. It usually occurs at the site of trauma or a recent surgical wound. About 1 in 5 cases occur without an irritating event. Patients most at risk for this usually have underlying blood vessel disease such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, or colon cancer. Symptoms for gas gangrene can and usually are very