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Geography has affected regions and civilizations in many ways. The Nile river in Egypt improved and helped the economy in to grow in several ways. Just as the mountains in ancient Greece took part in the growth of the economy and nation as well. The Nile River had a huge impact on the rise of Ancient Egypt. The Nile River is located in Africa which flows from Egypt and through the Mediterranean sea. It was known to be the longest river in the world, resulting in constant flooding. Many people might look at this flooding situation in a bad way, but as the flood was sweeping through the land it left behind rich and fertile soil which can be used for farming. The farmers would also use an irrigation ditch which will store the flooded water and be used when its needed, such as in really hot days or as bathing water. Prosperity from the Nile didn't stop there. It was a food source, such as fishes and birds, as well as the papyrus that grew along the Nile which was then used as paper. What the Nile River was mostly used for, was for trading many goods between Egypt and many other countries near it. Without the Nile River, Egypt would just be a big desert with no resources or goods.

Just as the Nile was good for trade, so was the mountains in ancient Greece. Even though the mountains was known as a barrier that isolated many cities it was good at the same time because it helped the Greeks to seek more knowledge and to look beyond those mountains and to get the resources they