Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Deffs Essay

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Gas tungsten arc welding (gtaw)- is an arc welding process that produces an arc between a nonconsumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece, creating a weld pool
Alternating current (ac)- an electrical current that has alternating positive and negative values.
Helium- the chemical element of atomic number 2, and inert gas that is the lightest member of the noble gas series
Argon- the chemical element of atomic number 18, an inert gaseous element of the noble gas group. Argon is the most common noble gas, making up nearly one percent of the earths atmosphere.
Regulator for (gtaw)- are equipped with a pressure gauge for measuring cylinder pressure and a flowmeter that controls gas flow to the torch.
E stand for er70s-x- the electrode can be used for welding rusty or dirty steels with only a slight loss of weld quality. Er70s-6 electrodes in this classification contain the highest combination deoxidizers in the form of silicon and manganese.
R stand for in er70s-x- electric welding. R, rod or filler. 70, tensile strength. S, solid wire. 6, chemical composition.
70 stand for in er70s-x- indicates 70000 psi normal tensile strength of the filler as welded.
Aws class ewth-2- pure tungsten (color code: green), thoriated (color code: red), ceriated (color code: orange), lanthanated (color code: gold), zirconiated (color code: brown), rare earth (color code: gray)
Dc electrode positive (dcep)- in direct current arc welding, the arrangements of leads where the surface to be…