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“The human race can and will only outlive the existence of the bee by a maximum of four years.”- Albert Einstein. The bee as we know it is extremely vital to the life’s of human for a large number of reasons. These include pollination of plants, the basis of several logos (napoleon’s and the ancient Egyptian logo) throughout history, also some extremely common sayings including “making a beeline” and “as busy as a bee” come from the tiny insect. The honey industry, another key aspect of the bees value to human has adds sixty five million Dollars a year to the Australian economy. All the more reason us as humans need bees to survive.
The average bee lives about twenty five to thirty days with its ability to do different jobs in the hive varying with the age of the bee. The cleaning of the hive peaks at birth and exponentially decreases daily while its value outside the hive is quite the opposite. Those in charge of receiving food generally peak in productivity at the midpoint of their lives, While the feeders and the hive/honeycomb builders work at their best between the between the three and ten day mark before decreasing and moving on to other jobs. By and large the size of the hive peaks during December at a touch over sixty thousand bringing high nectar flow and decreases to as little as fewer than ten thousand during august when the nectar flow is slow. The way the worker bees operate can be quite confusing. This is because the worker bees are split into two categories, Dancing scout bees, who find nectar and forager bees that are told by the scouts where the nectar is, they then proceed to collect the nectar and bring it home.
The commercial bee hive is made up of four key aspects. The most important being the brood chamber which is the hive itself, this