Gatsby American Dream Essay

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Character | Behavior | Consequences | Jay Gatsby | 1.The way Gatsby saw Daisy, he only saw the surface of her character. Molding her into his view of perfection and was over looking her flaws 2. Compulsive acumination of money | 1.Gatsby's love obsession with Daisy drives him to great ends in which to earn her love. The need to impress Daisy enough to marry him drove him to sacrifice a deeper reality for a shallow dream of incredible wealth commonly called the “American Dream” 2.The means in which Gatsby acquired his fortune shows his willingness to abandon any moral code of conduct for the sake of money. Sacrificing the higher pursuit of self-improvement and purpose, he did anything for money, but more than that, anything for Daisy. | Daisy Buchanan | 1.Lacking any loyalty or even morality. Daisy was a beautiful hollow self-centered shell. And was apathetic towards all that does not entertain her, such as her daughter pammy. 2.cynic attitude | 1.She did not have any consequences because she never had any real attachment to things in life, the only gratification was the material or luxurious she had/got. 2.The cynicism blinded Daisy from seeing life objectively, in realist terms, missing out on the chance to find true happiness in Gatsby's love. | Tom Buchanan | 1.He demands from others what he cannot even perform himself, including fidelity. His conscience is limited to nonexistent. | 1.Tom does not suffer any