Gatsby As A Modernist Novel Word Essay

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The Great Gatsby as a Modernist Novel

The early 20th century saw rapid technological advancement and change that was driven by the demands of the war. Many writers began experimenting with unconventional language and structure to create the Modernist era. Fitzgerald was excited by this new writing style and many defining features of a Modernist novel can be found in “The Great Gatsby.”

There are many key concepts and techniques found in Modernist novels one of which being the rejection of traditional theme and subject matter. This is perhaps one of the most prominent Modernist features in “The Great Gatsby” and can be seen in particular through Tom. Tom is a character who believes that his family is perfect and that nothing in his life is wrong or flaws. Yet he is a habitual womaniser and racist. At the beginning of the novel he talks openly about how the apparently dominant white race is in danger of being taken over by coloured people, “The idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be — will be utterly submerged. It’s all scientific stuff; it’s been proved.” Tom also openly brags to Nick about how he cheats on Daisy and even worse actually breaks the nose of his lover Myrtle. This image of Tom as a racist and violent cheat is the antithesis of a 1920s gentleman. Jordan is another character that rejects the conventional values surrounding women like her. Her hair is short, she smokes and also cheats when golfing. She will do anything to ensure she comes out on top and has no real care for others, “She was incurably dishonest. She wasn't able to endure being at a disadvantage.” Nick towards the end of the novel realises that Jordan is just as careless as Tom and Daisy…