Gatsby: Debut Albums and Love Essay

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My Dearest Daisy, You must forgive me for not being good at opening an introduction for I have been anxious to write you a letter but I really never had the guts to do it. Daisy, words can’t express on how my love for you is strong, I can try for ages explaining my love for you but nothing in the world can show you how I feel, and no matter how hard I try to make this letter wonderful, amazing and truly sincere, it would never truly capture my sensitive feelings for you. If I had one wish, my wish would be that we could be together forever till the heavens stop the rain, I’m going to love you till the stars fall from the sky..
. I wish our love can be a bright light shinning in the midst of a troublesome world. Sadly as long as you’re married to tom I know deep inside its never going to happen. I might be lying or just saying the truth but tom keeps you away from me and what have been dreaming of will never come true, as long as you’re with him. Daisy I hope you can take this in a nice way and not the opposite but you need to leave tom. I have seen what tom has done to you, daisy, and I understand that it’s not your fault that you ended up with insane brute bastard. I don’t hold anything against it’s just that I’m concerned on how he treats you. He is abusive, crazy, selfish, and self centered. The bruises and the scars he leaves you on your arm is all I need to be convinced that he hurts you badly. I truly could imagine the fear you have to go each day when you see his face and trying to wonder when he will make his move to hurt you again. Tom is an animal, a gorilla to be specific and the way he talks to you and about you is just amazing the way he express himself. He is always contradicting you and never listens to a word you say. This is not a decent way to treat a lady such as yourself. In other words, Tom is not faithful to you, I don’t like to spread rumors but when it comes to love ill do anything to win the war. This may be kind of harsh to hear but he’s having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. The question is why he would dream of leaving a beautiful person like you, only god knows and it’s beyond me. These “things” he does is clearly telling he has no love for you as I do. So let me ask you daisy, WHY? Why daisy would you stay with a man who has no love for you? Let me ask you Daisy, do you remember all the great times we spent together? We known each other for the longest time, it seem we known each other for centuries ,it feels like we know each other inside and out. You were my first love and only and to me you’re so special in my point of view and no one can take that way. I truly feel you feel the same way about me to because I see it in your eyes and they way you make that beautiful smile when you look at me, I’m convinced. We have developed a deep connection, in which I believe it will never be broken. Daisy why would we let one single man come between this very special connection we have? What are we going to do throw everything down the drain again and start a new chapter? The prophecy has been written our love is meant to be no matter what happens. Point is honestly you need to leave tom and let him know that you can’t stop what has been done already. I hope this part really opens your eyes,