Gatsby: Emotion and Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby
“The Great Gatsby” was a pretty rad book. There was a lot of symbolization and themes that I overlooked the first time reading through it.
In chapter 7, I missed a detail on page 129 that I stumbled upon after over-analyzing. The green on Wilson's face has much more significance than the first-time reader may presume. The green light across the bay from Gatsby somewhat symbolizes the separation he feels from Daisy. In chapter 7, Tom demands that Wilson fills his gas tank even though he isn’t feeling well, making his face turn green. Tom causes the green light in Wilson’s life. Tom is what separates Wilson from Myrtle.
Another example of foreshadowing events that I’d missed is that the weather plays a very important part in the story. In the beginning of chapter 7, Daisy states “It’s so hot and everything is so confused.” The heat she is referring to symbolizes the emotions that are weighing on them. Just like the hotness in the air, the characters are experiencing an internal emotional and mental heat.
The symbolization of heat being emotional stress makes sense, because at the end of chapter 7, it is stated that the day of the argument between Gatsby and Tom and the evening Myrtle was killed were the hottest out of the whole summer. It was both the climax of heat and their emotional temper.
On page 143 of chapter 7, Nick realizes that it is his birthday. I believe that the author added that as a minor detail to subtly remind the reader how involved