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English 4 november-14-2014 Gatsby Essay In the novel The Great Gatsby the most obviously recognized topics; the American dream and how difficult it can become to achieve it, the delineations between the social classes, old rich, new rich, some money, and no money, and how all social classes do have some similarities, the fact that Gatsby cannot realize that he cannot repeat the past with daisy to rekindle their relationship, and what describes a self-made man. The American dream can become difficult to achieve. One example of that in The Great Gatsby, George Wilson. George Wilson works extremely hard every day; he even owns his own auto shop business. But, even with all the work he has done he still lives at the edge of the Valley of Ashes and still has no money. The American dream can become hard to achieve for example, Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby, born and raised poor, still has extravagant parties, clothes, and cars. Even with all those things he still does not have the American dream because his love of his life, Daisy, still does not leave her husband Tom to marry Gatsby. Gatsby also does not have the American dream because he does not live to experience his wealth because George Wilson kills him. In The Great Gatsby the author, F Scott Fitzgerald, shows the delineations between the social classes like, old money, new money, little money, and no money. Fitzgerald does hold the old and new rich above the some and no money classes. For example, Fitzgerald shows all the upper classes, new money and old money, because he shows all the upper class people at the party’s and having fun. For some reason he does not show that with the lower classes, like when Fitzgerald described the Valley of ashes and described how sick, poor, and sad the lower class can get there. Even though Fitzgerald does hold the upper class above the lower class, the two do have some similarities. Both have relationship problems. Wilson and Myrtle argue, fight, and Myrtle cheats on tom. While Tom and Daisy also argue, fight and both of them cheat on each other. Jay Gatsby has a very rough time letting go of the past in this novel. When Nick see’s Gatsby for the first time, Gatsby, on his pier, reaches for a green light across the bay towards the green light at the end of daisy’s dock. This symbolizes Gatsby seeing his future with Daisy. By him imagining his future with Daisy, that shows how he wants to start off their relationship as if it began five years ago and trying to recapture the past. Jay Gatsby also tries to recapture the past when Gatsby and Daisy get back together they act like they never separated, Like when Gatsby and Nick said “you cannot start off as if it were five years ago” and Gatsby said “why of course you can old sport”, showing Gatsby thinks he can start over