English Vocabulary Quiz

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English Vocabulary QUIZ!
1) A significant or important turning point:
a) Amenable
b) Audacious
c) Milestone
d) Polemic
2) Calmness especially under stress:
a) Redoubtable
b) Staid
c) Ameliorate
d) Equanimity
3) Tending to delay, procrastinate:
a) Dilatory
b) Audacious
c) Perfunctory
d) Incipient
4) Willing to agree, cooperative:
a) Gullible
b) Linchpin
c) Amenable
d) Circumscribe
5) A vital person or thing; a key element:
a) Rectitude
b) Specious
c) Brusque
d) Linchpin
6) Long and difficult thus hard to explain:
a) Arduous
b) Fervor
c) Enamor
d) Brusque
7) To increase or grow rapidly:
a) Dilatory
b) Circuitous
c) Burgeon
d) Plethora
8) A feeling or contempt or scorn:
a) Disdain
b) Stain
c) Redoubtable
d) Predilection
9) Forming a circular or winding path; indirect:
a) Polemic
b) Disdain
c) Feasible
d) Burgeon
10) To be filled or feeling for love:
a) Enamor
b) Plethora
c) Consensus
d) Paramount

11) Liking or Preference:
a) Equanimity
b) Predilection
c) Staid
d) Milestone
12) In the early stages, just beginning; basic:
a) Audacious
b) Gullible
c) Specious
d) Incipient
13) Marked by self-restrained, serious, grave, formal:
a) Amenable
b) Predilection
c) Staid
d) Polemic
14) To draw a line around hence, strict or limit:
a. Circumscribe
b. Desultory
c. Fervor
d. Staid
15) A dispute, a verbal or written attack on someone or something:
a. Polemic
b. Milestone
c. Amenable
d. Equanimity

16) Intense feelings, great passion:
a. Circuitous
b. Incipient
c. Dilatory
d. fervor
17) Marked by a lack of purpose or plan, lacking direction:
a. Gullible
b. Redoubtable
c. Desultory
d. Perfunctory
18) Possible, likely:
a) Incipient
b) Feasible
c) Linchpin
d) Audacious
19) Easily fooled, or duped:
a) Desultory
b) Perfunctory
c) Polemic