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The Great Gatsby Practice Essay

In the novel Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald there is a lavish display of wealth, which is conveyed through the overuse of money and un – needed ‘toys’. This essay will focus on the people at Gatsby’s party, the party itself and Gatsby’s possessions.

F. Scott Fitzgerald describes the people at Gatsby’s party to be ‘fake’. Before his guests arrive at his party they are ordinary everyday people, like you and me, but when they arrive at the party they hide behind a mask of richness and high class when they are not rich or classy at all. They are happy however, because while at Gatsby’s party they live of his money and alcohol and good times when in reality they have nothing. A simile is used to describe how the people of Gatsby’s party just follow the party wherever it goes, and do not actually care for Gatsby himself in ‘’Men and Woman came and went like moths’’. It refers to Moths following the light. ‘’People weren’t invited to Gatsby’s, they went there’’ and Nick quotes ‘’ I was one of the few guests that had actually been invited’’. This shows us that the people that go to the parties don’t even know who Gatsby is, they just know he is a rich man that throws big, fancy parties.

Gatsby’s parties are always full of fun and excitement, he orders in a ‘’corps of caterers’’, the alliteration emphasises how many caterers there are. Gatsby shows everyone that comes to his parties that he is not a cheap, sell out by ordering a full orchestra full of ‘’oboes and trombones and saxophones and viols and cornets and piccolos and low and high drums’’, the use of listing and the repetition