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Gatsby Eulogy
Abdoul Mansaray and Nick Buchanan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m Nick Carraway I am talking to you today because of the tragic incident that has resulted in the loss of a great man that didn’t deserve to go the way he did. James Gatz, or as others know him as Jay Gatsby, was not only a wonderful neighbor, but was also a one of a kind friend. He happened to be one of those individuals that one could never seem to figure out. He set his sights on his goals and aspirations and happened to be one of those people that were not going to give up on his dreams, no matter the circumstances. The only downfall of his life and personality was that he always seemed to want to recapture the past. This eventually led to his demise. Although that one minor negative, nothing could never top the wonderful smile he portrayed that could lighten the mood of an entire room at one glance. It was as if it were only yesterday I only knew him as just being my neighbor and the man who threw parties very many attended. Jimmy, as known by his father and his father only, was still thought of as a young boy to father Gatz.
Because many people do not know Gatsby by this name, I’d like to take a moment to further your understanding of this great man. This was a boy who strived to bring the best out of him no matter the cost.
He would have constant schedules that would consist of activities that would benefit his look to others and what was most important to him, which was his future. He was always ambitious all throughout his life.

Jay Gatsby, as many knew him by this manner, was not the average person you would pass by and not give a second thought about who he really was. When I first met him, it happened to be at one of his parties that he frequently threw, and at first glance I had no idea it was him, but as he started to talk to me, there was something about him that interested me in his company. That was the special aspect about this