Gatsby: Roaring Twenties and Inevitable Tragic Downfall Essay

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Kevin Dill

English 111

Professor Pulinski


1) In the novel the Great Gatsby I had a very hard time finding any true hero’s when it came to the characters. On the other hand I had no trouble finding any villains. Most of the characters are actually villains with an inevitable tragic downfall. Gatsby is the only person close to being a hero but there is no way I can title him a hero while throughout the book he is lying and going after someone else’s wife, as well as participating in organized crime. Tom and Daisy are just self-centered, ignorant and carless rich people who cant see out side their little world. A perfect example of a villain is someone who runs over Mytrle and murders him and shows absolutely no remorse, this is why Daisy in my eyes is the biggest villain because of her love for money.

2) To me the fact that Nick is part of the action as well as a narrator really works. Right in chapter1 Nick tells the reader that he is tolerant, open-minded, quiet, and a good listener, and, as a result, others talk to him and revile their secrets. What more could you ask for in a narrator. It also gives you a much different insight. You hear the opinion from an outsider as well as a character with a never-ending amount of knowledge on everyone in the story. The only problem I have is that what if what Nick is saying isn’t completely the truth, but I guess in the end it doesn’t matter all that much because he doesn’t have a direct effect on the end of the story.

3) Throughout the book the weather is used really well to reflect the current mood of the story. For example during the fall it seems everything is falling apart. It also seems every time its raining Daisy and Gatsby have some tension between them. A direct example of how the weather reflects the moods of the characters is when Daisy and Gatsby make up and become friends again the weather clears up the sun comes out and it’s a nice day. Also during the summer it seems like everyone has high tension and that makes sense because hot