Gatsby: Small Business Essay

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During the post civil war era, also known as the industrialization era, in the United States during 1870 and 1900 corporations grew significantly in number, size, and influence. Great businesses had quite a big impact on the economy, politics. and by shaping the social responses of Americans. Big businesses had a positive impact on the economy because they are trying to develop and support entrepreneurers. Also to expand and improve infrastructure and to develop or recruit a highly skilled and educated workforce. Documents A, E, H, I, and J show examples of this. Document A is a graph showing indexed prices. The numbers are decreasing except for the cost of living which happens to be stable. It also shows mass production of food prices and standard oil. This shows that they have a highly skilled and educated workforce to produce these numbers. Document E states how big companies make more money, like as shown in document A because of their mass production is why they make this money. This document also shows that they help the economy because they are making more money for the economy. Document H is about how big businesses sale standard oil at much lower prices than he could because they have a mass production and the smaller company doesn't which explains why they have to sale it for a much larger price. Document I explains how department stores are much more stocked up and have more desirables. Also how they have many employees which also help some of the people in the economy have a job because they are bigger and need more employees. Document J is a picture of women working in a big business which helps the economy and helps them because they have a job and the business provides more jobs. Politically, big businesses had a positive impact because they give benefits like tax breaks, financial incentive, and other inducements. Examples of this is shown in documents B, C, D, and F. Document B speaks of how the railroad president in a sence controls everything. George E. Mcneill says that he holds the government in his right hand and the people in his left had which essentially means that he takes advantage and controls them by what he is capable of doing. He controls the reduce in pay, the jobs they have or maynot have, and he controls the government by controling the mass productions. This shows that he also can give financial incentive. What he is doing is essentially a positive impact so that his employees will do what they need to to get payed. Document C is partially about military orders which modern manufacturing systems have been brought in a good condition which shall help our military. Document D is a picture of these bosses being bigger than the senate. This shows that when it comes to deciding whether or not to promote a big business the senate is not in charge. Document F is about restoring the government with big businesses which is definitely a