Gatsby: The Great Gatsby and West Egg Essay

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In the Great Gatsby, several places contrast and symbolize different views helping the reader get the main idea of the book, to reach the American dream. The Valley of Ashes and West Egg contrast by showing total opposite ways of living and achieving goals. In comparison, the Valley of Ashes and West egg are different in appearance and meaning as well as the people living in those parts of New York.
In the Valley of Ashes, the dark and shady valley consisted of people living in poverty and striving for jobs to keep a substantial amount of money, totally opposite of West Egg. The Valley of Ashes is not an industrialized or well-off city; they don’t have the amenities that West Egg has. George and Myrtle Wilson, who live in the valley, are trying to make a high social status. That’s what Myrtle is working for, making herself look “classier” than she is. They’re always looking to protract the situation and make a better living for themselves. Another thing that is amongst those in the valley is the green eyes on the billboard in the Valley of Ashes. These are told to be the eyes of God, bulgeroning over the city and watching everyone. They keep it as an enigma and tends to keep people content with choices that the community makes. The Valley of Ashes is dark and grey-looking, just as it sounds. It is very true to the valleys name, Ashes. With the Valley of Ashes and West Egg being located in the same region, they tend to come in contact with each other a lot. It represents the newly rich, young ambitious people of Long Island. Gatsby and Nick live here and new customs are being practiced like lavish parties and drinking.
People who live in West Egg can be petulant, urbane and rudimentary. West Egg is a high class society and everyone is dressed appropriately according to social status. Their whole goal is to show off that they have money and aren’t apart of the poverty living in the valley. Another thing in West Egg that separates it from the others in the valley is that they have access to more opportunities like parties to