Gatsby: Thought and Garden Party Essay

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After reading the text “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield, it is possible to notice many conflicts of mind of the main charater, Laura, a poor rich girl who faces two sides of life: One side, which is always beautiful, full of parties and flowers – her house; and the other side, which is not good to be seen where, even the flowers, do not want to be in – the neighborhood out there. These two worlds are separated by a wall. How may two different visions be separated just by brick and cement? This question can be answered when we think about the wall as something more than concrete. It simbolizes the division between rich and poor; what is beautiful and ugly; what has to be seen and what has to be covered. The wall, under this point of view, can be considered an allegory.1
Since the beginning the reader notices how Laura was disturbed by her own thoughts. In the moment that she found herself organizing the garden party, she did not know how to react towards the workers (to be harsh or to be nice to them?). According to her upbringing she was born to command without getting involved with subordinate people; the girl grew up thinking that the world’s attention was focused on the space in which her house stood. Later on, Laura started wondering about the reason of such rudeness towards the workermen, as expressed by Katherine Mansfield in The Garden Party “Oh, how extraordinarily nice workmen were, she thought. Why couldn’t she have workmen for friends rather than the silly