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As Dee Hock once said “With the advent of genetic engineering the time required for the evolution of new species may literally collapse.” With genetic engineering in the foreseeable future, problems that we may once have found impossible to find a solution to may be possible with genetic engineering. Genetic engineering serves as a purpose to eliminate most of humanities problems because it helps extend the human life, enhances parts of us that we may feel are holding us back and reduces the number of people who have a disease.

One could believe that Genetic engineering plays a helpful role for mankind and can help solve some of our greatest problems. Genetic engineering may be the solution to offering humans a way to slip away from death. We have always thought that death was unescapable; a fear that would come for everyone. Today questions are being asked into this topic and whether it will be possible to increase their life expectancy. Researchers are now finding out that telomeres, tiny little structures at the end of each chromosome, are the explanation to living a longer, happier life. They have found out that when each cell divides, the telomeres on a chromosome get shorter. There is a point in time where these structures are so small that they can no longer divide. At this point, the cell can no longer live on and reproduce. In the future, we may be able to genetically modify ourselves so that we can stop these structures from getting shorter but until then, the question is still on the table. People often ponder in their heads if one day they could be super human or become a man like Einstein. Genetic engineering may offer the step to this matter. A team of scientists have been experimenting on mice and have found a gene that strengthens muscle tissue. The mice that had been genetically engineered were recorded having muscles twice as strong as those without it. Increasing one’s levels of intelligence may be a possibility too. A company in hopes of creating smarter people is sequencing the DNA of over 2,000 individuals with an IQ of over 160. They plan on finding shared DNA between the participants so that they are one step closer to the advancement in humanity. Disease is a huge problem today that claims thousands of lives each day. Genetic engineering will soon one day revolutionize this perception of disease that so many are bothered by. Genetic Diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington's disease are caused by small differences in the DNA. If one knew the small differences and DNA variances between one with such disease, than it could be possible to cure it. I believe that some of the greatest problems that we suffer from today can be solved using genetic engineering.
Genetic engineering is something that I believe is a gift from God that will help advance our society and remove all pain and suffering. God gave us the freedom to choose which gives us the opportunity to genetically engineer ourselves. In the bible it says “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” God has allowed us the freedom of choice so why should we not accept it? It is