Gattaca Genetic Engineering Analysis

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The film Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol, centers around a man named Vincent Freeman who dreams of flying into outer space. Born with a heart condition, Vincent’s dreams are set back but he does not get discouraged. Not giving up on fulfilling his dreams, Vincent assumes the identity of a former athlete, Jerome Morrow, who is genetically perfect for the job. In this science fiction film, the idea of genetic engineering is usual but is now becoming a reality in our world today. Genetic engineering is “technology used for altering the traits of living organisms by inserting genetic material that has been manipulated by artificial means” (What is genetic engineering?). There are many pros to genetic engineering including no disease or no flaws, but there are more cons that weigh out the pros. We should not genetically modify our offspring due to the increased chance of overpopulation, lack of diversity in humans, and environment issues. …show more content…
Genetically changing DNA not only could change eye color, hair color, height and many other physical traits but could also end disease. Although we wouldn’t have to see our loved ones suffering and eventually dying, disease is a natural occurring process that is needed to keep balance. Without disease, people will be living longer and more people will be reproducing knowing that they can change the DNA of their baby to make them perfect. Which could eventually cause issues with food and water. But thankfully there are not very many solid reasons that genetic engineering could end disease. “One of the flaws in the argument of those who support the possibility of HGE for medical purposes is that there seem to be very few good examples where it is the only solution to the medical problem of genetic disease”