Gattaca Uniformity

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Good afternoon to you all! It is a privilege of mine to be speaking to this youth forum. Today, I will be speaking about the effects that uniformity and individuality have on individuals, and how the correct balance is necessary to have an effective and successful institution. Institutions aim to recuperate and rehabilitate individuals to eventually be released back into society. Raw by Scott Monk, and Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol are two texts in which uniformity and individuality are explored. Raw expresses themes of uniformity and individuality in a more realistic and grounded way, while Gattaca dramatizes those themes into a ‘utopian’ sci-fi concept. Both explore the extremes.

RAW, by Scott Monk exposes the effects that uniformity
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Four main rules are clearly set out, “No fighting, No leaving the farm, Sam's decision is final and No drugs.” The use of anaphora and negative dialogue stresses the importance of following the rules. Though a negative impact of enforcing these policies is that it treats inmates as a group “The rest of the inmates will be punished for that one boy’s actions“. Sam’s use of high modality language shows how serious he is about punishing the boys. ‘“If one guy steps out of line, the rest of you have to cop the blame too” This emphasizes the theme of uniformity within the institution. Brett’s attempt to escape fails and as a result they are all punished. This is to teach Brett that his behaviour has an effect on others. Social norms and responsibility is something that Brett slowly learns throughout the novel in the institution showing the effects of …show more content…
Society’s quest to be perfect has incidentally squeezed out the humanity. A Lot of the settings in Gattaca have a very modern, minimalistic style, with polished floors and bare walls, the lack of personality or flair in the settings shows the lack of individuality in this culture, exposing that having a perfect society is limiting in an individual's ability to express themselves and make themselves unique. The cold blue/green colour palette shows how uniform and sterile everything has become, but there are flares of color when Vincent’s ambitions are shown. The uniform, perfect society is rebelled against when Vincent, considered an ‘invalid’ because he was conceived in love rather than a lab pursues his dreams of going to space and impersonates a ‘valid’ human and attempts to achieve his goals. While this is an incredibly difficult and dangerous feat for him he takes that risk and ends up making