Gauri Ji Speech

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05/09/17, a shameful day for the country and an even shameful day for us, the residents of Bangalore. Gauri Lankesh murder has raised questions; questions which the government has to answer quickly. We as citizens’ deserve to know who the culprits are, to know what really Gauri ji was working on to have any enemy, is there a connection between the murderers of Kalburgi ji and Gauri. Meantime, under such circumstances apart from raising the right questions one can only pray that Gauri ji rests in peace.
Having hardly known Gauri Ji, I was eager to know her in detail. With few twitter profiles already creating a narrative about the death; knowing Gauri ji became a matter of curiosity.
Left, right, center – who are you? Can’t there be people who are unbiased? Can’t people show some respect or at least not speak over a loss of life; instead of fighting over ideologies? Can we be simple human beings first? Over the years of following Politics; especially, post my graduation days I
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Viewers look up to journalists and learned people. Our learned friends need to fight for the right, but in a manner which others can learn, in a manner which gives people like us an Idea about what exactly is the truth. People need to talk for others. Ideologies are important, yes, journalists carry them while they work, but, some of us sense all this. We are right-thinking, peace loving people who wish for non-selective discussion on topics, we do not wish for double standards, do not wish for flashy headlines be it left, right or center. Narrative based on the ideologies and fewer facts is not new in Indian politics, but don’t expect the same from the today’s