Gavin Preller Essay Outline

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Gavin Preller Essay Outline
November 9, 2014

During the 19th century, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich in Austria had philosophies that compared and differed from philosophies of Otto von Bismark in Prussia as they both reached to achieve prosperity in Europe, but Metternich called for peace at the congress of Vienna and called against nationalism, while Bismark lived by an iron first demanding the most desirable results and was in favor of nationalism. Although both of these leaders were conservative, they differed in their approaches to their goals. While Metternich firmly believed that liberalism had been responsible for a generation of war and suffering and blamed liberal revolutionaries for stirring up the lower classes, Bismark was a realpolitik and used nationalism to his advantage at his goal to have Prussia be dominant in the German States. Klemens Wenzel von Metternich was a conservative threatened by nationalism, and believed that liberalism was responsible for war and suffering.
Was the host in the Congress of Vienna, where he argued for a balance of power and had a displayed his distrust of nationalism there
Nationalism threatened the existence of the aristocracy and also threatened to destroy the Austrian Empire and revolutionize central Europe.
Had the ideology of conservatism displayed at the Congress of Vienna, and was not opposed to reform, but said that changes needed to be taken gradually. This is a similarity to…