Gay Couples Should Not Be Allowed to Adopt Children Essay

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"Look mom! They are holding each other." the boy shouted. The mother looked back and saw two men were holding their hands. This scene has found more and more in the present of the social since the same-sex relationship has become more popular, for it has currently granted in some states such as Connecticut, Iowa, and Massachusetts. While many people think the gay couple desert legal right to have their own life, for they are just as human as others. Although many people are fighting for same sex couples adopting, I believe the gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children since it brings to many effects such as emotion, sex education, and the nature. First of all, the negative effects of children have raised under homosexual …show more content…
According to the article "To Marry or Not: The Legalization of Marriage and Adoption of Homosexual Couples," (Newport Beach: The Pacific Policy Institutes, 1993, p.9). Professor Hayton states: "Homosexuals... model a poor view of marriage to children. They are taught by example and belief that marital relationships are transitory and most sexual in nature. Sexual relationships are primarily for pleasure rather than procreation. And they are taught that monogamy in a marriage is not the norm [and] should be discouraged if one wants a good 'marital' relationship." So, let gay couples adopt children may harm the entire population of the society including children, for it against the nature. Besides that, people adopt children because they cannot have children naturally. The idea for traditional families is where mothers provide love and emotional support while fathers provide strength, courage, and leadership. Therefore, allowing same-sex couples adopt children can lead to the opposite ways which may discourage the natural right. By that way, people are confusing the next generation, and reverse the nature. In conclusion, whether or not allowing the gay couple adopt children is still a big debate for nation population, there are some negative effects how gay couples influence children may concern others such as children behaviors, sexuality, and life