Essay on Gay Marriage

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Marriage of Equal’s? Many people are for and many people oppose same sex marriage. It is not religious some say and others other say it violates freedom of speech. Is it right or is it wrong, is really the big question that causes so much controversy. Those that are for the issue of gay marriage believe that everyone should be treated the same and everyone should have the right to marry the one that they fall in love with. They should have the same rights with their partner as a heterosexual person has with theirs. What does it hurt many will ask? According to the people who oppose gay marriage it would hurt a lot. According to Eric Metaxas from an article on the website “It will destroy religious freedom and free speech rights”. Many states have passed laws that have given same sex couple the right to marry. States like Maine, New Hampshire, Iowa, Washington, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, The District of Columbia and Vermont have all legalized same sex marriage. The three states of Maine, Maryland and Washington had gay rights on their ballets more than thirty times before it was approved. Two Native American tribes have also legalized gay marriage. The Suquamish Tribe and The Coquille Tribe have chosen to make it legal. Not all of the tribes have followed suit and they do not recognize the marriages. Gay marriage has been brought to light a lot more in the past few years. We have celebrity endorsements and even celebrities who are in gay marriages or engaged to be married. Jesse Tyler Ferguson from the hit television series “Modern Family” is engaged to his partner. Other examples are the creator of Glee, the star of the TV series “How I Met Your Mother”, and country music singer Chely Wright and their perspective partners are either engaged or married. It seems like it is not such a taboo subject as it once was. That does still does not make it easy if you are in that position. There are even more and more television shows that canter around gay lifestyle and culture and that use gay characters. Many of these characters that play gay roles actually live heterosexual lifestyles. They are married and have children of their own. This is way for them to play different roles and even stand up for what they believe in. A prime example is the 2005 Hit movie “Brokeback Mountain” where two heterosexual males (Heath Ledger and JakeGyllenhaal) played the two major roles of two gay men. Gay marriage was also a hot button topic in this year’s presidential campaign. Barack Obama stated…. “At a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married”. Many said that this was a way for the president to get the gay votes. He was re-elected so maybe it worked. Guess we will never know for sure.