Essay on Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage I believe gay marriage should be legalized. I believe people should have the right to do as they please. I don’t think there’s one explanation as to why a person is gay. Some people believe they are born that way, some people believe it’s a choice, and some people believe that a person can have so many bad relationships with one sex that they will simply switch to the other side. To me, it doesn’t matter the reasoning, I don’t think somebody should be treated differently just because they have a different sexual preference than you. Who is anyone to tell someone else they can’t love somebody of the same sex? I also believe people are entitled to their own opinions. If you don’t like gay people, then don’t be gay. If you don’t want gay people around you, then don’t surround yourself with gay people. There are terrorists, murderers, rapists, serial killers, and child abusers across the world and you may not like those people but you are never going to stop them from being here on this earth. Just like you will never stop a gay person from being on this earth and loving whomever they choose to love. You may not like it, but it will never change. We’re supposed to live in a country where freedom is a right given to you at birth so why should someone else’s freedom be ripped out from under them simply because they’re gay? Although I don’t feel as strongly about polygamy, I stand by what I said about people being able to make their own decisions. I don’t believe