Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Gay Marriage I was touching when I once watched the famous movie “Brokeback Mountain”. Actually, “Brokeage Mountain” tells a story about a romantic but sad love story; it is not related to the society issue, though. However, in general, Gay Marriage is a way that gay lovers to hold the right by the law. It is just a paper to show the respect of the society and to show the true love of them. Therefore, from my perspective, giving legislation to Gay Marriage benefits both gays and the whole society. First, everyone on our Earth is free to love, no matter what the gender is. The definition of freedom is the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you. Love has freedom, so love is an action that no one has the right to stop you. I once asked a gay that why he love a guy. “Nothing special, the time that I recognized I love him I realized I just fell in love with him, just himself; it has nothing to do with his gender. If he is a girl, I will love him as well,” he said. Therefore, there is no difference between boy-girl love and boy-boy love when only considers the definition of free love. “Marriage is a vocabulary, it’s a vehicle, an engine for a larger discussion that moves people’s understanding of who gay people are, why sex discrimination is wrong, why exclusion is wrong in America, that brings up discussion of the separation of church and state, that brings up discussion of whether there should be limitations or roles based on sex, or whether men and women should be treated equally.” That is to say, we should treat gay marriage respectfully. Second, Gay Marriage should be more permanent. If a couple of gay finally come to together and gain the agreement from their families to get marriage means they have went through a hard time, so they will cherish each other a lot. Nowadays, divorce is as easy as having a meal; it is so common.