Gay Marriage Essay

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Anais Garza
April 28, 2013
Gay Marriage: The New Discrimination Marriage, a sacred bond for both hetero and homosexual couples, is very much under fire. The fight for homosexuality has been going in for centuries. Many famous authors, musicians, and politicians throughout history were in fact gay. These people are still being discriminated against, mainly by churches and temples, which stand behind and hold power in almost all societies. Despite religious opposition, same sex marriage should be legal because it neither hurts nor offends anyone physically or mentally. Currently, the United States federal government is fighting against several states on whether or not they or the central government should be in control of marriage rights. In 2008, California legalized same-sex marriage. Hundreds of couples traveled to the nearest court house to have their relationships legally documented. Later that same year, this new law was annulled and thousands of American’s rights were torn away. This was known as Proposition 8. Although some churches will marry same-sex couples, they will not recognize it as a “civil right”. Contrary to this, the government will not marry gays, yet recognize marriage as a civil right. There are many theories of conspiracy to why Proposition 8 was proposed. Many humanitarians believe it was due to the “powerful hand” of the Church of Latter day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church. Our country was founded on the separation of church and state, Therefore, no churches or temples should take part in any governmental decisions. (Sterngrass Page 18) Defenders of Proposition 8 believe homosexuality is against nature. Little do they know that many of nature’s organisms are bisexual, asexual, and are even hermaphrodites, such as most invertebrates. Nature resists generalizations. For example, the Smithsonian Museum has many exhibits of our so called “descendants”, great apes. These animals are known to have homosexual bonds and behavior. Also, baboons and chimpanzees, our “closest cousins”, who are also featured in the museum, were known to be homosexuals. Society cannot rely on nature to provide them with moral guidance. David George Haskel once said, “The facts of biology falsify the oft-repeated notion that homosexuality is unnatural. Every species has evolved its own sexual ecology.” (“Nature makes a case for same-sex marriage”) Our founding fathers built this country we call home on the idea of freedom. When the pilgrims came to this “New World”, they wanted to be free from the cruel prosecution and corrupt ruling of the King of England and his church. Roger Williams even established his own separate colony in the Unites Sates solely for people who wanted to live by the separation of church and state. Many events in history show that people cannot be forced to live under the dictates of politician’s or anyone’s religion or personal beliefs. Denying marriage equality would be discrimination. Marriage provides legal protection and stability to all couples, gay straight, transgender, and even biracial. Discrimination against any of kind of people limits them to social and political disadvantages. Martin Luther King once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. We must not let history or the thousands of tragic injustices that it contains continue to repeat. One might argue that the Bible and nature are against homosexuality, but the Bible is as one perceives it. It also says man should have