Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Cham Nguyen
Mrs. Hunniford
English 111
06 March 2013
‘Gay Marriage’
Ellen Degeneres is one of my favorite TV talk show hosts of all time although she is a lesbian and have a beautiful wife which might be unacceptable for some peoples. In my opinion, gender doesn’t have anything to do with our success and our talent. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has done a lot of great and positive things in our social, but the fact is they are not treated with the way they deserve. They don’t have the right to get marriage in almost all the states in our country which makes me so hard to believe. Since they bring no harm but many benefits to the society; same sex marriage should be legal nationwide.
Although some people think that gay is the illness which cause by some kind of virus, or a life style which people can choose to live, they were misunderstanding. Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, we used to know as ‘gay’, is not a choice; they were born that way. According CNN newspaper: “Scientists from San Francisco to Stockholm are finding evidence of what gay people know in their hearts: that sexual orientation is innate. Recent research in Sweden has identified differences in brain structure that may determine whether a person is gay or straight” (Hormel). Knowing that being gay was not anybody fault, there are no reasons to judge them just because they are different from us. We can choose to agree or not agree, but we must notice that there are about 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (Ramon, 2011). Since they will not go anywhere soon or later, they are a part of our society, so they should have the same rights as we have including the right to get marriage.
Talking about human right, America is known by the other countries as the place of equality and freedom. That means all of our residents should live under the same law that protect everyone’s life. Why are there different laws for the different genders? Even though gay is the minority, they are still our resident, why are they not able to be free in their own country. If we allow that the law treats them differently, we open the door for discrimination which cannot be existed in our environment. Every day we hear people talking about human right, freedom and equality on TV, radio, or internet; however, until the simple right getting marriage with the one you love is still not for everyone all over the country, freedom and equality are still not what they’re supposed to mean, and we need to change it and make it right.
Everyone is supposed to love and be loved in return, so being gay doesn’t mean they can’t love or be loved. There is no right to against love, and there is nothing wrong with love. Marriage is about love. “Understandably, love is a predominant theme in discussions about marriage. “As long as people love each other,” one person asserted, “it shouldn’t matter whether they are the same sex. What’s important in marriage is love” (Koukl). Just thing if we can’t get marriage to the one we are deeply in love with, how bad it could be? Gay life has already been very difficult, so why do we have to make it harder on them just because who are their love mates?
Gay marriage should legal not only about equality but also about the benefits they will bright to society. One of those benefits is child adoption which could save so many children life and give them a better and brighter future. We all know that same sex couples cannot deliver and having a child naturally as normal couples, so the child adoption becomes their perfect solution to have children and build a happy family. There are some opinion against gay adoption says that they posed the unsafe environment for children; however, there is no reliable evidence for that thought. The fact that as we’re talking now thousands of children are living in gay couple households, and they are developed in much the same ways among children of