Gay Marriage Essay

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Homosexual Marriage Homosexual marriage is not something that is considered completely legal. But why not? Who has the right to define what love is? The illegality of homosexual marriage is only based on the belief that it is just unacceptable. Gay marriage does not in fact violate natural law, neither does it turn a moral wrong into a civil right. People often believe that homosexual marriage is a direct offense to God, however, if God creates everyone in his own image how could he be offended if he makes no mistakes? Love can be expressed in its basic form as a souls’ recognition of its counterpart in another. Notice how this expression is genderless. The argument that homosexuality goes against natural law is flawed because the attraction between the two is considered a natural feeling. Love can only be defined by the person who feels it, therefor heterosexuals and homosexuals understandings of love may differ. But the difference of these definitions is not the problem; the problem is that the heterosexuals simply choose to not accept the views of homosexuals. Some heterosexuals say that same-sex marriage is parallel to the idea of turning a moral wrong into a civil right. What this really turns into is the old school yard feeling of judging others unfairly because they are different. Just because same-sex marriage seems out of the ordinary for someone with a heterosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean it automatically turns into an offense. More importantly, same-sex marriage being legal has no effect on the couples that are currently married or those with no intentions of have a same-sex marriage. Finally, homosexual couples are not directly offending God. An offense to God is a sin. How can being with someone you love be called a sin? God has made each and every one of us exactly what we are with every intention to do so.