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Gay Marriage What would wedding ceremonies be like if it was two people of the same sex being bonded in holy matrimony? A part of society believes that a marriage should consist of two members of the opposite sex, but there are sufficient arguments from various sources that state that a man and man or a woman and woman should be allowed to be married under God and in a legal state of the United States of America. Gay marriage, in my opinion, should be allowed. It is a natural right of life that everyone goes through and it should not be limited this to only heterosexual people. Many people in our community accept this lifestyle because many influential figures are in fact devoted to the gay community. In addition, there are no laws that objectify the right for gay people to get married. To begin with, marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege. Same­sex marriage is a civil right.
The 1967 Supreme Court case
Loving v. Virginia confirmed that marriage is "one of the basic civil rights of man," and same­sex marriages should receive the same protections given to interracial marriages by that ruling. Legalizing gay marriage will not harm heterosexual marriages or "family values," and society will continue to function successfully [1].
Then, a study published on Apr. 13, 2009 in
Social Science Quarterly found that "laws permitting same­sex marriage or civil unions have no adverse effect on marriage, divorce, and abortion rates, or the percent of children born out of wedlock..."Rather, anthropological research supports the conclusion that a vast array of family types, including families built upon same­sex partnerships, can contribute to stable and humane societies [2].”Gay marriage would make it easier for same­sex couples to adopt, providing stable homes for children who would otherwise

be left in foster care. In the US, 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted. A longitudinal study published in
on June 7, 2010 found that children of lesbian mothers were rated higher than children of heterosexual parents in social and academic competence and had fewer social problem [3]. Secondly, being happily married with someone from the same sex is an accepted lifestyle in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer community. Ellen Degeneres, an Emmy­winning talk show host and an active lesbian speaker for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer community who is also married to female actress Portia Di Rossi, wrote an unofficial brief letter to the Supreme Court consulting about the legality of same sex marriage. She states, "I hope the
Supreme Court will do the right thing, and let everyone enjoy the same rights. It's going to help keep families together. It's going to make kids feel better about who they are. And it is time [4]."
Furthermore, West Hollywood is a city in California where a third of its population primarily consists of gay people. The city has long been the originator and groundbreaking in the gay marriage movement. As a result, West Hollywood is proud to be a landmark for a community where people of different types can come together and coexist in harmony, acceptance, and prosperity [5]. Finally, gay marriage does not break the law or sin in any form or way. The
Ten Commandments do not mention any word about gay marriage. Although it states "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Rest assured, there is no relation to gay marriage [6]. On the contrary, some people believe that gay marriage is not right and shouldn't be allowed.
The institution of marriage has traditionally been defined as being between a man and a woman.
Marriage is an outmoded, oppressive institution that should be weakened, not expanded.

(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activist collective Against Equality states that "Gay marriage apes hetero privilege... [and] increases economic inequality by perpetuating a system