Essay about Gay Marriage-Human Rights or Religious Issue?

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Gay Marriage-Human Rights or Religious Issue? All over the world there are many leading issues that are occurring. These issues may involve religious beliefs, people’s rights, or the laws of that specific region. Over the past few years, same-sex marriage has been one of these very controversial issues in America, however, many people argue the legalization of it. Marriage is traditionally viewed as the legal relationship of a man and a women to become husband and wife. Do these views change is two men or two women want to become legally married? Some people may argue that if same-sex marriage was legal, it will cause many problems. Most of these problems will occur if the couple decides that they would like to have children in one way or another. Bringing a child into a same-sex relationship could possibly hurt and confuse the child. While the couple can be facing discrimination by those around them, their child will be facing these problems at school or in other areas. A child deserves to grow up with a mother and father. Every child has this unless one parent faces death, divorce, or abandonment. Bringing a child into a same-sex couple will ensure that the child cannot have either a mom or a dad. It has been proven that females raised in a household with no father are at a much higher risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy. In a heterosexual marriage the mother is usually providing emotional stability for the children. If two men decide to have a child, there would be no one to help with that child’s emotional stability. Children brought into this type of environment may also be at a higher risk to also be homosexual. Same-sex marriage does not only affect the ones wanting to be married and their children but all the people around them. Many people would not like to have their tax dollars being spent on things they do not believe in. These debate has brought up many arguments on gay people serving in the military, being sports stars, or any other job. It is shown “When a gay man becomes a professor or a gay women a police officer, he or she performs the same job as a heterosexual”(Schulman). Being heterosexual or homosexual has no affect your capability to do certain jobs. Many people argue that same-sex marriage is unlawful due to people’s beliefs. These beliefs may include religious or moral beliefs. The majority of religious groups do not encourage their followers to believe in same-sex marriage. Since the early ages many have defined marriage as a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. Back then it was even considered illegal to have a relationship of the same sex. Although times are changing and same-sex relationships are occurring, no one can ever force a paster of any religion to marry a same-sex couple. The Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Islam, United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, National Association of Evangelicals, and American Baptist Churches USA all oppose the marriage of a same-sex couple. It was once said, “The happiness of gay relationships up to now has had nothing to do with being married or unmarried”(Schulman). People that want to be married and are the same sex should not be discriminated against. They should not be kept from what is known as, “ The happiest day of your life”(Sullivan). Although religious groups may never come to accept same-sex marriage and there will always be many people that disagree with this marriage, what is really comes down to is love. No one can force someone to stop loving another person. A gay person is still a human just like everyone else, they were created to love but also the need to be loved by someone else. Growing up as children we were taught that when two people love each other they get married. This should be no different between a heterosexual couple and a homosexual couple. Two men or two women being to together feels natural to them like it would feel if a