Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Gay Marriage
Aaron Eads
Soc. 120 Donna Falloon 2-20-2012

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The issue with gay marriage is that people have so many misunderstandings and misapprehension about homosexuality. The fact that the relationship in itself is different, because it encompasses two people of the same sex and people have misinterpretations about what marriage is all about. There are many reasons people oppose gay marriage. Several people believe that gay people can choose to be heterosexual. However, most gay people do not have a choice; it is the same as if a heterosexual had to choose who they were attracted to. Gay Marriage is debatable topic because there seems to be no resolve to the issue, there are some people who feel same sex marriage is wrong and there are supporter of gay marriage. This paper is about the controversies that surround gay marriage. Many people believe marriage is a sanctified institution between a man and woman. According to the Maryland Gazette (2011), Delegate Don Dwyer a republican states “ For this reason I will defend God’s definition of marriage and will fight for the passage of constitutional amendment that preserves the term marriage as being a man and women”. People often have a mindset that if we start to accept homosexual behavior and put gay people in government offices it will have a biased effect on rulings. The majority of people involved in the church, whether it is non-denominational and denominational are opposed to gay marriage. In the Bible God clearly states his views on what marriage is. In Genesis 2:24 in the King James Version of the Bible it states “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: they shall be of one flesh”. The Bible makes it very clear; it does not say anything about two women or two men being joined. People feel the bible plainly states that God oppose gay and lesbian marriage.
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There are religions that feel it is ethically wrong and goes against the doctrine in the bible. People also feel gay sex is unnatural and marriage was also meant for procreation. People sometimes feel if it is accepted in our society it will be accepted in our schools and universities. According to Mianecki (2011) “ It is a really pressing issue globally that there continue to be killing on the basis, and I think this will inspire dialogue and increased recognition of the prominence of the issue among government, said Suzanne Nossel, the deputy assistant secretary of the state for the Bureau of International Organizational Affairs.” There are people who feel that having a family with two same sex parents with children in the home will cause confusion for children being brought up in this type of atmosphere.
There are also people who support gay marriage. There are people who see homosexual relationships the same as heterosexual relationships. They feel it is nothing abnormal about two people of the same sex being together. Gay and lesbian feel denying same sex marriage goes against their civil right and is a form of discrimination. For instance, there are gays and lesbians being designated to serve in government positions. Now there are gay and lesbian couples in the government, reality television shows, and in the public eye. The legalization of same sex marriage is an ongoing issue and is one of the leading political issues. Our president is also in favor of Gays being allowed to serve in the military side by side as heterosexuals. In fact, the problem is that people have this view that homosexuality is about sex. The 8th Amendment guarantees that every American has the right to Freedom of speech, but does that include homosexuals having the right to voice their opinion? There continues to be gay pride marches, protests, and rallies
Page 3 for same sex marriage. Gay rights groups are fighting for their right, but most religious groups are fighting against this. Homosexual want the same rights as customary