Gay Marriage Research Paper

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Jasmine Townsend
September 27, 2013
A.P English 7/8th Period
Legalizing Gay Marriage throughout the U.S.A “According to the 2000 census 1.2 million people are in a relationship, not counting the LGBT community. The 2000 census also declared the Gay community to consist of 594,391 couples and growing” (Alper, G. 2013, January 1). This means that over 500,000 people are in a relationship. All of these people share multiple things. They all live in the United States, the land of the free. All of these people have committed themselves to someone else. All of these people just want equal rights. All of these people would simply like to be seen as people and not outsiders. All of these people do matter. Why shouldn’t the government legalize homosexual marriage in all fifty states? Americans shouldn’t be discriminated against because of a unique approach to relationship values and views, yet they still are. Only thirteen states allow Gay marriage and just a few allow a civil union, or a marriage without the word marriage. Why is this though? The number one reason most people oppose homosexuality is religion. The Bible says, "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them” (Leviticus 20:13). There are also a few other references in the Holy Bible which refers to homosexuality, but since when does the government conform to a religion? America has been known to be the melting pot of the world where all religions, ethnicities, gender, and other differences come together to live in unity. The United States hasn’t begun to obey other Biblical rules or terms, nevertheless we start on homosexuality. What about adultery? The Bible is against cheating, yet it’s still legal. The Bible also rules out other things like tattoos and divorce, but both of these things are on the rise. As a country, we disregard particular policies and pick other ones to ride off of. There can’t be such uncertainties when it comes to such a major matter. When someone’s in a relationship for an extended amount of time they typically fall in love and get married. This is also the majority of the reason for marriage within both heterosexual and homosexual relationships (Messerli, J. (2011). Gay Marriage Legalized). Yet who has the authority to say that love is only between men and women? Love has no limitations and comes in all shapes and sizes, therefore marriage shouldn’t be defined by gender to be legal, but by more realistic measures. Although, laws do allow homosexuals to be a part of a civil union, that doesn’t seem to have the same connotations as marriage. Marriage is more than a commitment, a ring, and a wedding. “Marriage establishes legal status, allows joint filing of taxes, and protects the companion in medical decision making” (Messerli, J. (2011). Gay Marriage Legalized). It also plainly represents more than just a friendship, bond, or civil union, it represents love and unity. Marriage is love. According to, “Studies have proven that children of lesbian or gay parents are as well-adjusted as those of non-gay parents” (Wolfson, E. (2012). Marriage 101). Still, some believe that gay marriage would further weaken the traditional values of a family by mixing a child up or giving them