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April 3, 2013 Gay Marriage

Many people are against same sex marriage because they think it will change the world and views on traditional marriage. What people fail to realize is that gay marriage is not at all harmful. Gay marriage should be legalized and accepted because there are no negative effects on children and society, it was historically accepted in the past and gays and lesbians deserve to be treated equally like everyone else.
Most people aren’t aware that same-sex marriage was once accepted in the 13th century. It can be proven that same-sex marriages were tolerated in parts of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Artifacts found in Egypt of a pharaonic tomb for a couple shows that their union was accepted by the kingdom. Others may argue that it doesn’t matter if it was once accepted same sex marriage is not right and is not traditional. Over time negative attitudes toward same-sex unions increased with the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire reached a peak when the states passed a law promising punishment to anyone entering a same-sex union (marriage). Beliefs of being gay were not universal in ancient Greece. States didn’t approve of the rituals and the relationships of gay people. Over the years same-sex marriage began to cause problems because people believed it was serious threat to societies. Researchers even though that, homosexuality was a disease that can be cured with electro-shock therapy. On the other hand it doesn’t matter if it’s traditional or not people should be able to marry whoever they love.
Another reason why gay marriage should be accepted is because there is no difference between kids raised by gay parents and kids raised by heterosexual parents. Children raised by gay parents often grow up more successful than kids who are raised by heterosexual parents. As well as being more successful than other children they grow up to be happier because their parents aren’t getting a divorced for not being happier with one another. When kids parents come out to the public about their relationship it usually makes it worse for the child in the end. Kids get picked on when others find out about their parents are gay because most children are brought up with a mom and a dad and not a mom and mom or vise versa. Although kids may have a tough time at school they still grow up happier and more successful than other children because there is no evidence that having gay parents will effect a child and his or hers future.
Many people believe that society is being forced to accept same-sex marriages and relationships. Communities feel like they have to cater to the gays like including them in everything the community does or give. The community also feels that’s since gays are accepted health risk has been rising lately. Since same sex marriage has been legal HIV/AIDS have raised significantly since then and now community members believe the fight against AIDS is very far from over. lso parents feel as