Gay Marriage Research Paper

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The legalization of gay marriage is argued, in a society; for many years. This is a thing that people rejects because it is very hard to accept same sex marriage between couples. People are against same sex marriages because they want to protect it from people having traditional culture and having traditional marriages and even they don’t want same sex marriages to become influence for their children so, they want to protect it their children too. People usually from traditional background or even any other background thinks that family usually consists of a wife, husband, and children. But in gay marriages they have same sex partner. It is against the law or we can say against the natural law. It is very hard for gay couples to live a happy life, when most people are against the marriages. Gay marriage is not legal in United States but it is legal in Canada and many other states. People who believe in Christian culture are against the gay marriage because gay marriage is considered sinful in their culture. My friend belongs to an Indian family and he is Hindu by religion and in his family, he follows ritual according to his family culture and his family sees gay marriage a destruction or sinful to have an intimate relationships with same gender, and it is also an unforgivable sin that will continue for rest of their lives. So, nobody in his family supports gay marriage. I don’t believe in that. If two people want to live together why people have problems with