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Gay marriage – We agree! Marriage is about the love two people have for each other and how they want to make the commitment to be together with each other till death do you part. Marriage should not only allow “straight” couples to be married but also allow gay couples toe because they love each other. Don’t people think that discriminating gay couples is the same as discriminating on couples who are not the same ethnicity. Now American society looks at interracial couples as a good thing and we are looking at gay couples as a bad thing. Marriage is looked at by society as a religious right between a man and a woman but the truth is it can happen between anyone. Many people who are against gay marriage base everything on God. God had said love thy neighbor and gay couples are still their neighbors right, so many people across this world should not say anything about God saying it is against religion because people are still going against their religion if they do not let gay couples to be married.
No one should be forced to like someone of the opposite gender just to be married. Being forced to like the opposite gender does not make it any better that they get married because that will just end up in more and more people getting divorced. Many people who are against gay marriage are all people who are very religious and they say that god didn’t make people that way.

Everyone should be equal. The united states had said that everyone is created equally but if you look around many Americans are still being prejudice.
Gay couples have the right to express themselves. Homosexual couples have as much right as heterosexuals do. We are all the same