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Reproduction Rights

The Struggle for women across the globe and their reproductive rights have been a battle since women being granted the right to vote in the 1920s. The battle that women face is not just a reproductive battle, it is a cival battle as well, and can be compared to the similar struggle that African American faced with their attempt to gain “the full liberty of speech in public. Faught in the 1865 Dread Scott case, when he as a slave petitioened himself for his own freed and eneded with a loss; in constrast womens reproductive rights actually defending the battles of racial inequality, intteralcial and same sex marriage, which a goodsome of the globe would agree are universal human rights. However, although those are very important to the battle for natural rights, in todays society womens reproductive rights is becoming more important, especially because “40000 deaths are cause from unsafe abortions that are preformed every year around the globe,(Source)” this statistic shows the urgency for some sort of act to be preformed by governments globally, women should not be in the battle for injustice alone. Naturally every human should be granted the right to deciede how to use their lives, women especially should have have to obtain their rights to regulate their own bodies, as well as reproduvtive choices; womens belifs and voices about this matter are being ignored in countries globally and natural rights being violated, women around the world every right to fight to obtain their natural right to regulate their bodies and reproductive choices. ; sterilization, family planning as well as abortion ecompass this issue. In every nation around the world it is the role of the government to provide and protect its population and with this duty, family planning is becoming a more contraversal concept for many countries to apprehend. In countries around the world it is the government’s responsibility to provide for its population. The global issue is both a right that is being taken from the women of the would but the men aslo suffer the same consequenses because neither party gets to exercise the right as they chose.
In the country of India, the women are being manipulated into ceasing to give birth after their second child, some offcials claim that they are bennifitting the communties and countries of India however, with those extremities another major concern for women who decide to be sterilized after their second birth, and loses one if not both of the children. Meaning the have completely severed their chances of sterilizing again. Besides the population control plaing givng benefits to the countries it is actualling relinquishing the women of their natural rights. . However india is not the only country that has dangered denying women their reproductive rights. Over 30 years ago, Dictator Deng Xiaoping forced his “One Child Policy,” causing a countiusoulsy growing population to raipidly grow. The law dicates that in the small country of China each family could leagally only have one child, making China the only country in the world where it is illeagal to have a brother or a sister. However like many nations across the globe the men carry the household, since they are the ones who carry the name of their ancesstors; but in countries like China it is extremely important to the wives to have a male heir, and seeinf as the woman can only have one child she will abort her female child until she recives aboy. Since the womens rights have been violated, wives destroy their bodies and drastically ruin their chances of reproducing again, simply because their right to have both is gone. According to Johnthan Smith , in his article found on, he states that “ Chinese women’s opportunities to have the number of children they want is dictated by their ability to pay a fine or travel for the privilege to give birth. Either way, the end result is the same: reproductive injustice (source).”