Gay Rights Essay

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Although some might think that being gay does not give equal rights, and its against others religion because many people experience trauma that effects their lives, people need to respect each others preference due to medical conditions. Therefore people should respect others sexuality due to there conditions, and social living. Many people experience trauma that affects their lives. According to Dr.Ghassemlou he has listened to many painful stories of many gay patients, including a number of bisexual and transgender shared that as young as the age of five they felt different. In fact his patients feel more vulnerable to homophobic and transgender phobic mistreatment at school and at home. Many of his patients found the courage to open up about their identity issue has been rejected by their families and peers. Many families bring discloser as bringing shame upon the family and throw their own kids out of the house and it forces the kids to join the growing population of homeless kids on the street. Families rejection as a result of finding out about the same sex attraction, and becoming victimized through verbal or physical abuse by family and peers due to being “different” are contributing factors to trauma of growing up gay or lesbian. Traumatic experience can also explain why lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender are questioning youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. Gay high school students disclosed to him that he…