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Gay Rights Amanda Jenkins It is my belief that gay marriage should be legal everywhere because homosexuality is not the only sin in the bible that the majority of people commit, homosexuals cannot control their sexual orientation, and we have accepted many other things so why not accept homosexuality? Think about this: A couple that is constantly arguing, and constantly has adultery issues, and who only want to be married to each other because they have children, are allowed to be married simply because of that fact that they are heterosexual. While somewhere else there is a couple who hardly ever argues(maybe once or twice a year), they have been together for thirty years, who always volunteers in their community, and dream to adopt a child and get married to each other, however they cannot get married because they are the same sex. Many people who have been asked this question would commonly say, “It is against my religion; in the bible it clearly states that you shall not lie with a male as a woman; it is an abomination.” However, I wonder if people realize that every single day many people are ignoring what is written in the bible. Some examples of people doing this are: Eating shrimp, lobster, and other seafood is a sin according to the bible. Eating a ham sandwich is a sin as well. Also, do you remember that time when you were gossiping about somebody who is having a rough time at home? Well gossiping is a sin, because it is a form of murder. Do you remember that tattoo that you got in memory of your mother, who had just died of cancer? Well the bible states that modifying your body in any way is a sin. This book that people claim to be oh so devoted to also says that rounded haircuts, circumcisions, reading horoscopes, getting a divorce, having sex before marriage, and having a woman speak in church(even if she is merely sitting in the pews, whispering to her husband) are all sins. Children who talked back to their parents and people who went to work on the Sabbath Day are supposed to be condemned to death according to the bible. Do we actually kill people for these things today? No, we don’t! So why is it that people make the biggest deal about the matter of homosexuality, the matter of two people being in love with each other, when every single day the same people that put down homosexuality are going against a number of things that is also clearly stated in the bible? Many studies show that people who are not heterosexual cannot control their sexual attractions, just like people who are in fact heterosexual cannot control who they are attracted to. Being gay or transsexual is not caused by sexual abuse as a child, and it is not a rebellious act against their family. Sexual orientation is as simple as being born with red hair, being six feet tall, or having brown skin color; you cannot control what you are born with and it can run in the family. Because of this reason many people are worried about more homosexuals being born and people not being able to have any more children. That however, is like worrying about people with red hair taking over the world. In my family the heterosexual to homosexual is about 29:3.
For more than 200 years before the Civil War, segregation between white people and black people existed in the United States. After the war though, things were even worse for African Americans; the Southern legislatures, former confederates, passed laws known as the black codes, after the war,