Gay Rights vs Morality, Ethics and Law Essay

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By Santos T. Araña, Ph.D.


Is it proper for gays to use the female CR and lesbians to use the male CR? Would it be proper to allow them living together with same sexes? Most of the time I heared or even personaly observed the third sex seeking for recognition and respect. Though, respect is not asked it is voluntary given; all we need to do is to prove that we deserve to be respected. To gain respect, gays and lesbians must observe ethical standards as well as conform to accepted social behavior and right conduct. It’s an accepted fact that most gays are talented and creative that is why in many occasions there is always the involvement of gays, be it in fasion, modeling,
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If both sexes are tolerated to live together this violates the provision of recognizing the sacredness of family and what it stands. Entering family life is not only limited to companionship, it includes procreation and only man and woman is capable of doing it.
On a moral point of view, there are only two sexes created by GOD, a man and a woman, what ever GOD created cannot be replaced or changed by man and that includes sexes. Dr. Nelson,a professor on Christian ethics at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities; New Brighton, Minnesota provided insights on the question, “Is Sex Orientation Chosen?” In light of the gospel and of our current human situation, we might better say that while responsible love and sexual expression cannot be sundered, procreation and sex cannot be irrevocably joined and no "fellow humanity" can do this apart from the opposite sex. Gay persons who have sought therapeutic treatment to reverse their sex orientation have experienced extremely low success rate. In this case, it will result only to severe emotional problems. In many researches conducted, emotional problems still have a higher incidence among gay persons.
On the ethical point of view, as stated in Romans