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Internal and External Effects on the Functions of Management
Gayle Collins
Stephen Mersereau
Internal and External Effects on the Functions of Management
The four functions of management include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. All of these functions are necessary for a company to be effectively managed to be successful and advance in a constantly changing world, a good example is Amazon. External and internal factor influence the performance of the four functions of management within Amazon. Some internal factors include ethics and diversity. Ethics affects the leadership and controlling functions of management while diversity uses the leading and organizing functions of management. Some external factors that affect the functions of management include technology and globalization. The need for technology and globalization take organizational planning in order to keep up customer demand for certain products from Amazon.
One major factor to a company’s success is the moral and ethical integrity of Amazon’s management team. Amazon’s ethical stance determines the quality of employees the company is able to retain and maintain their loyalty to the company. If managers show ethical integrity the employees are bound to perform better rather than the alternative. Amazon prides itself on quick shipping and availability of products, if they don’t show this ethical integrity then there is more room for employees to not preform to their peak, which is turn keeps your customers happy and loyal because of the awesome service they receive from happy employees.
In the meaning of diversity, it is recognized that each individual is different and unique, this covers the dimension of age, gender, race, social