Target Supply Chain

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A supply chain is very important to an organization. It can and should show the relationship between suppliers, distributors, managers and consumers. This paper would detail how important suppliers and distributions are to an organization’s success. And how important a supply chain is within an organization and how managers can utilize the supply chain. It is important that companies such as Target Corporations utilize the supply chain and gain competitive advantages. Target is one of the world’s largest retail stores; the first Target was opened in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota ( By the end of 1962 there were only four Target and they were all operated in Minnesota.
What is a supply chain?
The supply chain is the
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Target managers would have to understand and can deliver what the wants and needs are and by doing this customers would continue to do business with the company. The managers and employees should know what products and services Target is selling and are able to answer questions effectively from customers. This would benefit both the customers and organization. Over the last forty years, Target corporations have been providing an affordable and good quality merchandize for the consumers’.
Value Delivery Options:
The value delivery options for Target are in their slogan “Expect more, Pay less.” When customers see this slogan they know the products are good quality for a lower price. Target’s building designs and products are designed to attract the consumers. Procurement
Procurement is the process that help managers purchase goods and services from an outsource supplier(s).There are six steps in the procurement process. The steps are to identify the goods or services that are going to be purchased, complete the purchase orders and send the forms to the suppliers, agree on the timeframe of the delivery and which methods should be followed, receive the goods from the suppliers in a timely manner, review and accept the products and approve the payments for the suppliers. Target corporation has a non- procurement group that purchase non-retail