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GB500: Business Perspectives
Unit 3 Polarity Paper submitted by Bhupesh Gujjula
Individual and Team
Polarities and polarity management
Before we begin, the most important thing to be defined is: what are polarities? Definition of polarity has lot of meanings. One out of them is: Polarity’s are interdependent pairs that support a common purpose and one another. Polarity Management (2012).They are energy systems which we live and work. One most important thing to be reminded is that polarity is not a problem. It is something different than a problem, because a problem is something you solve and a polarity is something that you address and manage (Caldwell, 2011). So polarity is something which needs to be identified and move in correct direction or approach in correct direction. If polarity has been identified and not approached in a correct direction, the end results would not be satisfactory. Usually the goal of a problem is to find a fix to the present situation and move forward with the fix. However, a "polarity" is an issue that needs to be addressed, but the "solution" is not one that can survive independently and will actually still require support from the original issue.” (Team building leadership, 2006).
Polarities are unavoidable, unsolvable and indestructible. They work the same way, every time, all the time. Learn how to leverage them, how to get their energy working for you and you will gain a critical competitive advantage: Achieve your goals, achieve them faster and sustain them over time. Polarity Management (2012). Initially when applying polarity management principles it is very important that the person handling this polarity management should be expert in it to get the better results. Even though if someone is new to polarity models, It would be little confusing and difficult to apply the model at initial stages, but in the end huge improvement or better results are acquired if the polarity models are handled properly and acknowledge them properly.

The Polarity Map

Individual and team have been chosen to distinguish the polarities, based on the market simulation results and the virtual team experience from team B.
There are two poles representing the polarity. Good polarity management would be needed to create a polarity map to derive the best from both poles. Creating this polarity also needs to be done extremely cautious following the rules appropriately and also not to exceed boundaries from both sides.
Individual pole have been chosen on left side. Two layers have been provided to distinguish good and bad qualities of working alone. Good qualities have been listed on the top and the bad qualities have been shown in bottom. The same applies for the right side pole, Good qualities on the top are listed and bad qualities are listed in the bottom. By looking from the polarity map, it is very clear of gaining sustainable and worthy results in working as a team. Sometimes working alone is good, but to get the best it has to go with working in a team for better virtual team. Good Project manager should be able to balance out between all the polarities to get the best.
Applying Polarity Management to your top management team
There are many suggestions and recommendations to keep the top management team on track. Applying or managing polarity “typically, experts become more proficient when they develop a rich set of “rules of thumb” based