Gce Advanced Level and Careers Essay

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Careers Information
Key Stage 5 (Years 12 – 13)
During your time in the 6th form you will receive plenty of Careers guidance from the Key Stage 5 Learning Mentor. You will be encouraged to make use of the Careers Library, in which there is comprehensive information about a range of careers, as well as wide range of University prospectuses and UCAS information. Outside speakers are used regularly at KS5, who can provide valuable advice and information from an industry perspective.
In order to get the wide range of advice and support you are entitled to, and in addition to Careers lessons and advice from staff, you are strongly encouraged to make use of some online resources.
The school subscribes to the following On-line Careers Programme:
Fast Tomato
Fast Tomato is an on-line careers and education programme for young people aged 13-19.
The program can: help students choose GCSE and post-16 options as well as courses, careers, jobs and apprenticeships provide local, regional and national information on careers, courses and training at the touch of a button give young people an insight into themselves as well as their career and learning profiles
Students can: choose GCSEs and post-16 options online generate a comprehensive personal summary which can be useful for CVs, letters of application, Work Experience, college or job interviews record information in their on-line portfolio use their portfolio and personal profiles to plan ahead and review their progress.
Link to www.fasttomato.com
In addition to Fast Tomato the link below provides a comprehensive list of professional and accurate careers related websites which we would encourage you to use