Gco's Unknowingly Affecting Us

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GMO’s: Unknowingly Affecting Every American
Hayley Jade Henderson Cumberland High School



Abstract Genetically modified organisms are organisms with foreign DNA inserted into the genes of the organism. These inserted genes are in many of our food products. There is not much evidence proving genetically modified food is suitable to consume. Tests have been done and have shown that GM foods do cause sickness and harm to the body. A poll has shown many
Americans would like genetically modified organisms labeled but Monsanto, a large producer of GM products, isn’t allowing this to happen. Monsanto has been deceiving the public to make money off of their genetically modified products, no matter the cost.


GMO’s; unknowingly affecting every American
In recent years, GMO’s have been slowly taking over our diet. From the milk in our cereal in the morning, to our taco lunch, and to our dinners on mother’s fine china. For something being so prominent in the lives of humans, so many people do not know what is being put into their body. So what exactly are GMO’s? According to Gary Hershberg (2011),
GMO’s are genetically modified organisms with foreign DNA inserted into their genes.
Wanttoknow.info.com says this makes crops that can make their own pesticides, bigger cows, meatier chickens, higher yields, “better living” tomatoes, and potatoes that can survive just about any natural disaster thrown their way. So, the question is, what is so bad about GMO’s?
These foods may cause life threatening, adverse health effects and people may not know about this because Monsanto is bribing scientists to keep quiet about this issue.
Health Issues
Even though our crops and animals are growing better, they are being pumped with hormones, different genes, and toxins. These toxins are being absorbed by the human body and are causing harmful health effects. There has been many tests done on rats to prove the lethality of genetically modified products. One of the tests was called the Seralini affair. The rats in the Seralini affair were fed
Monsanto’s corn and water that is “safe to consume but contains pesticides” according to Monsanto as referenced in
MSNBC (2012). The corn was named
NK603 Monsanto corn. The rats fed
Monsanto’s corn suffered tumors and multiple organ


damage as shown in the picture. The rats also suffered mammary tumors as well as kidney and liver damage. 50% of males and 70% of females died early compared to the 30% males and 20% females died early in the control group. Roundup has also been proven to be toxic to the ventricular myocardium. 1.8 million dollars had been spent on biotechnology but only 1% of that had been spent on safety tests for Monsanto’s products (MSNBC, 2012).
In 1992 the court ruled that GMO products did not have to be labeled showing the ingredients were genetically modified even though tests have shown that genetically modified foods are worse than organic or normal food. Proposition 37 is a common­sense November ballot measure that will help the population make informed choices about the food they consume. 90% of people would like to know what they are eating and 67% of people favored proposition 37. Yet later over 50% of people who voted yes to proposition 37 appealed that decision because of Monsanto’s incessant advertising.
94% of soybeans and 75% of all food contains genetically modified organisms. 74% of people did not know that genetically modified organisms were in their everyday food (Hershberg 2011).
Seeds of Deception

There have been many studies