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Aim of Investigation: To investigate how the estimation of lines and angles varies from each other, and how the estimation varies within both genders. Angles and lines have been chosen, as they are continuous data, leaving the survey to be more wide-ranged.

Hypothesis 1: The difference in angle estimation shall be more than inaccurate than then length estimation. I believe this because the awareness upon lengths is more common than the familiarity of angles, within the everyday context.

Hypothesis 2: In correspondence to the first hypothesis, male angle estimation shall be twice as close populated towards the correct answer than the female estimation. This means that the measure of spread will be grouped twice as close to the actual answer than the female.

Introduction to Investigation: The concept of measuring length and gradient is one of the norm in society today. Therefore, the skill that is the measurement of these two units could be affected by several factors. For my investigation, I plan to inspect the variables of gender estimation and the difference between the two units. Lengths and angles were not only chosen because of their familiarity amongst the population, for me this is Year 10 boys and girls, but because of the fact that both measurements are continuous data. This adds a level of skill towards their estimation, as the answer can take on any possible value. This differs from discrete data, as discrete data will only take certain values.

A survey…