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Pgs 126-181
1. I predict that Pip will start his new life in London and begin learning how to be a gentleman by receiving a proper education, dressing in nicer clothing, and polishing his manners. He will probably have a very difficult time adjusting to his new environment.
2. In this section, I think that more information about Miss Havisham’s life will be revealed. We already know that she was jilted on her wedding day, but we don’t know about the man who left her or why he left. We also don’t know anything about her life before her wedding day.
3. I don’t think that Estella and Pip’s relationship will change much, even with Pip’s rise in status. Estella has been raised under Miss Havisham’s influence, which encourages her to despise men and break their hearts. She is practically incapable of loving another person, so I doubt that Pip will be an exception.
1. On page 127, Pip enters Mr. Jaggers’s office for the first time and describes it. With Pip’s description and my own imagination, I tried to envision what the room looked like: an average-sized room, but it looks much smaller because of how cluttered it is. The dim lighting barely covers the entire room, and makes everything seem very gloomy and dismal. On one side, there’s a large desk and a high-backed chair behind it. There are papers – single sheets in various locations and in stacks on the desk and chair. There are also tall, looming shelves filled with books, more documents, and strange objects. The two dreadful casts make one feel very nervous– actually, the entire room makes one feel nervous. Once you step in, it’s as if a wave of uneasiness washes over you. The tall shadows, dim light, and unmistakable smell of tobacco add to the effect.
2. On page 134, Wemmick takes Pip to Barnard’s Inn for the first time. I imagined an old, worn-down wicket gate that creaks when opened. Once you enter, you are greeted with a depressing excuse for a garden. There are trees, flowers, and bushes, but they all seem to be lifeless. There are tenement buildings a bit further back, and even those seem to be sagging towards the ground. Everything visible is either cracked, covered in dust, or both. The smell of smoke lingers around the clearing in front of the buildings, and inside the houses is the musty smell of mold and rotting.
3. I tried to visualize the scene on pages 171-176, in which Joe visits Pip in London. First I pictured Pip’s and Herbert’s small living space, cramped with all of the furniture that Pip bought. It does offer a sense of warmth though, at least much more comfort than environment outside of the building. I can picture Joe, a rather big man, awkwardly sitting at a nice table in a chair that looks too small and fragile for him. Pip sits across from him as a young man, sitting a bit more stiffly than Joe. Pip is dressed in a nice suit, while Joe is wearing clothes that seem to never be able to lose its smoke stains and the smell of the countryside. The room is filled with a sense of awkwardness, and even a bit of tension when Pip interrupts Joe. I can picture Joe looking around the room in awe, and awkwardly fidgeting in his chair when talking to Pip. I can also see his face of confusion, hurt, and a bit of scorn when Pip is impatient and short with him. You can hear the sound of the busy city of London from outside the windows, and the clunking of Joe’s boots as he leaves.
1. What does the word imbue mean? (page 138)
(verb) to inspire or affect with a feeling or quality
2. What happened to Molly (Mr. Jaggers’s housemaid) that caused her wrist to become disfigured? And why exactly did Mr. Jaggers force her to show Pip and company?
3. Why does Mr. Jaggers seem to be so obsessed with cleanliness and washing his hands?
1. On page 136, Herbert tells Pip that Miss Havisham has raised Estella to “wreak revenge on all the male sex”.