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2. What type of consumer market products does GE provide?
GE is a very impressive and versatile company that is trying to be your go to brand of choice when choosing your luxuries of your next home. GE provides a wide variety of consumer products for the home; they have a vast selection of appliances, home improvement tools, housewares, home lighting and personal healthcare equipment. Without even trying you could easily have a GE quality product in every room of your house.
GE’s lineup of consumer appliances is quite impressive; they produce everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers. You could easily buy every major kitchen appliance from GE and know that you have a quality product. GE also produces air products such as air conditioning units and air purifiers to keep your home cool and fresh.
GE also has products that can already improve your current home; a great example would be Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) offering an array of GE Sealants including waterproof, paintable, and silicone caulk that will make your next home project a success. If your family were to ever encounter an emergency where the power went out GE also produces standby generators for those emergency situations.
To go perfectly beside your GE home appliances, GE makes many great housewares such as coffee pots, crock pots, blender, juicers and much more. GE is a trustworthy brand that is always expanding its product line and will continue to make new products for our convenience.