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GED108 unit 4
Q2: What are the four categories of human environmental hazards? Give examples of each.
There are four major categories of human environmental hazards, the biological, physical, chemical, and cultural. There are many different hazards in the world but they all belong to one of the four majors.
The first hazard is physical, like natural disasters. These are hazards that can be life threatening, such as floods or earthquakes. These are kinds of things that can potentially kill a whole populous of people at one time. Physical hazards are happening all the time, earthquakes or floods or even tornados. Some may not be as destructive as others, in terms of damage to a community, but they all have some kind of impact.
The next is biological, such as sicknesses. There are many different kinds of sicknesses, from the common cold to mononucleosis to cancers. From what history can show, there have been many medical advances for cures for some of these hazards. There may never be a permanent cure for any kind of bacteria or fungi, but there are ways to help make it easier to fight them.
Chemical hazards are the third, such as pesticides. There are chemical hazards present no matter where you are, such as pollution in the air or pesticides in farmland. There are these chemicals everywhere, the water, the air, the soil, and even in the food. It’s not expected to have them present in the food but in the current day there are GMOs, Genetic