Geek Love Figurative Analysis

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There are 1,025,109 words in the English language, and an infinite amount of ways to combine them. Unlike other subjects, there is no definite answer or analysis due to the array of possible explanations. Mathematics and science courses often have one certain solution, but English requires more than numbers and formulas. In comparison to other subjects, one can always develop his or her fundamental skills as the course load and difficulties rise. Analysis, comprehension and writing are essential to language in general. Students tend to overlook major concepts because they lack the analytic skill or one is simply skimming the text rather than reading it. English is not simple cookie-cutter course because it requires figurative analysis and comprehension of major themes developed with writing and in class activities. …show more content…
Figurative analysis is a major component of the development of ideas, serving as a basis for academic writing. Works include literary devices that strengthen the plot, understanding and progression of a specific aspect. There is a difference between reading and comprehending the text. Students tend to skim over chapters, consequently missing important details. There are numerous scenes in Geek Love by Katherine Dunn that demand a reader to look beyond the mere literal details. The concepts along with the book itself is eccentric and complex. The discussions in class with groups enabled students to listen and share his or her own ideas to a specific scene in Geek Love. It helped further my understanding of the plotline because I was able to see other perspectives rather than focusing solely on my own idea. Geek Love encompassed the true meaning of looking beyond the literal meaning to understand the figurative one. Dunn emphasizes identity and the journal to achieve it. At first, I did not understand it because of my own